Dead deer response earns kudos for Littlefield, ITD

In mid-January, homeowners Bonnie and Bill Willoughby found a dead deer in the yard of their Coeur d’Alene home. How to dispose of the carcass became their top priority. Andrea Littlefield from ITD’s District 1 office played a major role

Littlefield is pictured to right..

Bill is 86 years old and disabled. Bonnie has a broken arm. Their son cannot lift anything, likely by doctor’s orders. Her second call was to ITD, and Littlefield got ahold of the city’s street department, who responded within 30 minutes to the Willoughby request, and retrieved the deer.

“... there still are a lot of nice people out there, as we discovered with the city and the transportation department,” said the Willoughbys

“We pride ourselves on our customer service in D1,” said District Administrative Manager Scotty Fellom.  “Andrea does a fine job in helping our customers both internally and externally. – this is what ITD and its culture is all about.”

“I’m proud to have her on my team,” Fellom added.

Published 01-30-15