The right Powerball ticket

Who hasn’t thought about it?

Winning the lottery – or otherwise getting rich.

The dream came true for District 6 supply clerk Dave Grende (GRENDee).

His dad bought a Powerball ticket in Teton in December.

Results of the Dec. 29 drawing matched.

$2 million.

The family of four had a standing agreement: If one wins, they all win. So Don Grende divided the jackpot with his wife, Pam, and their two sons, Dave and Dallas.

“I feel fortunate that my folks are so generous,” Dave says.

Yup – $500,000 each.

Tidy sum.

A pleasant surprise, Dave quips.

The first reaction – disbelief (all)
The second reaction – disbelief (all).
The third reaction –more disbelief (all).

“It wasn’t until we arrived at the office of the Idaho Lottery Commission in Boise Jan. 2 that the win became believable,” Dave says. “It was especially nice when the monitor of the ticket reader displayed ‘$2 million.’”

They had their checks when they left the office, minus state and federal taxes. Dave declined to disclose the tax liability, but it was significant.

The family drove to Jackpot, Nev., to celebrate.

Could they have declined to identify themselves? Not in Idaho.

“In some states, you can sign a nondisclosure form and remain anonymous,” Dave says. “In Idaho, lottery winnings are public record.”


“My brother and I will continue to work,” Dave says, “although winning moves our retirement dates a little closer.” Mom and dad were already retired.

“A fool and his money soon part,” the saying goes. The Grende family doesn’t fit that category. They have retained financial advisors to recommend sound investment decisions.

Family members plan to continue their practice of buying lottery tickets each week.

“We have been buying them for years,” Dave says. “It finally paid off.”

“Winning puts you in a different mindset,” he concludes. “A lot of worries went away.”

Published 01-22-15