The power of networking

Call it the power of networking.

The story of Dana Graves’ river rescue on the Lochsa in late November was sent out to more than 300 media members. It was posted on the department’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, garnering another 7,500 views. Then some of those folks shared or re-posted it on their own websites and social media networks, and suddenly tens of thousands of people were seeing the story.

Graves really wanted to find out the names of the two people who had helped most and played such an important role in the rescue. He wanted to be able to reach out to them and give them the proper thanks they deserved. Understandably, he was a bit preoccupied at the time and forgot to ask them their names.

“I knew they were a young married couple from Lapwai, but unfortunately nothing else,” said Graves.

So the story went out, and it was Graves’ hope that the names of the folks from Lapwai would eventually be found. He didn't have to wait long.

The news release was sent out at 10:14 a.m. Jan. 14. A radio station in Lewiston re-posted the story shortly after they received it that day. By 5:07 p.m. the couple had been identified.

Mia Carlson, News Director at the radio station, emailed on Jan. 15 and said “Not sure if you heard about this…but in response to your story that I posted yesterday…” Carlson then went on to list the post from 5:07 that evening:

"I heard this story from my co-worker who was the helper from Lapwai. It was Jon Paisano & his wife Terrah. They are good people with good hearts & I told him they were at the right place @ the right time." – Chris Porter

Pictured above: Dana Graves at work in the Kooskia Maintenance Shed.

Published 01-22-15