ITD installs new highway cameras in eastern Idaho

The next time drivers want to view what road conditions are really like in eastern Idaho, they can log on to and see up-to-the-minute images of the actual roadways day or night.

Once on the 511 Travel Information website, select "Highways" and click "Cameras."

It is all courtesy of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), which has increased the number of webcams (cameras that transmit images through the Internet) on highways in eastern Idaho.

ITD has added webcams at five highway locations:

• The intersection of Idaho 22 and Idaho 33 (one webcam facing north and one facing northeast).

• Camas on Interstate 15 north of Hamer (one webcam in each direction of travel).

• Monida on I-15 north of Spencer (one webcam in each direction of travel).

• Ucon on U.S. 20 north of Idaho Falls (one webcam in each direction of travel). New RWIS just south of Ucon pictured to right.

• Fall River on U.S. 20 southwest of Ashton (one webcam in each direction of travel).

Webcams may include infrared technology, so images are visible at night as well as during the day. Images are updated every 15 minutes.

ITD has webcams at 125 locations throughout the state, with 25 sites in District 6 (eastern Idaho). The agency started installing highway cameras in 1989.

In addition to displaying still images of highways and prevailing conditions, the 511 website ( provides information on road conditions, construction delays, road closures, mountain passes and trucking requirements.

The 511 system, also known as Idaho Traveler Services, is accessible by dialing 5-1-1 from phones within Idaho. Outside the state, dial toll-free (888) 432-7623.

Various regions of the United States and Canada use 5-1-1 as a transportation and traffic information telephone hotline.
Most webcams are installed at Road Weather Information Stations along state highways. These weather stations collect and electronically relay pavement data such as temperature, skid resistance, and depth of water, snow or ice on the roadway

ITD's increase in the number of webcams in eastern Idaho and throughout the state is part of an ongoing program to better inform maintenance workers and the traveling public.

Published 02-06-15