Aeronautics offers new annual safety scorecard

The Idaho Division of Aeronautics recently published its first Idaho Aviation Accident Scorecard (IAASC), an annual review of the state’s aviation safety performance.

The lag time in reporting of the statistics is based on the time it takes NTSB or the investigating agency to complete their investigation.

“Some of those investigations may take up to a year to finish,” explained Division Administrator Mike Pape
In this first reporting year (calendar year 2013), general aviation in Idaho accounted for 33 aircraft accidents, resulting in 12 fatalities. These statistics closely mirrored the recent decade average of 30 accidents and 10 fatalities. 

Other notable findings:

- Only 30 percent of the accidents involved out-of-state pilots. 
- 75 percent of accidents occurred at or in the proximity of backcountry airstrips.
- 80 percent of accidents were attributed to pilot-error.
- A majority of accidents occurred during the landing phase of flight.
- The number of aviation accidents occurring in neighboring states:

Wash. 37
Ore. 31
Mont. 29
Nev. 29
Utah 20
Wyo. 15

IAASC data will be used to encourage local pilots and flight schools to emphasize training in aeronautical decision-making and increased proficiency in both landing and maneuvering skills.

“These skills will be discussed each and every opportunity we have this year, in safety events and workshops,” Pape added. He mentioned that the goal is to help point out areas needing improvement and increase overall safety.

“Our goal is to build the safety culture of general aviation closer toward that of commercial aviation,” Pape explained.   

“IAASC is, first and foremost, a teaching tool. Pilots choosing to be safe by learning from others’ mistakes and avoiding risky flight operations have an above-average safety record. General Aviation flying in Idaho is as safe as the pilot chooses to make it.”

The report can be found here:


Published 03-06-15