Email changeover to Exchange Online underway, expected to finish in April

Migration of ITD email accounts to Exchange Online is underway and during the coming weeks you may expect an email from Enterprise Technology Services explaining how that will work.

The move will improve email reliability and provide each user an impressive 50 gigabytes of file storage rather than the 250 megabytes currently allowed, explained Dave Merriweather, with Enterprise Technology Services. Users also will be allowed unlimited archive space for their email files.

“Mobility will continue to be supported for those using phones and tablets to access email and calendars,” he said. "Additionally, the Outlook Web Access (OWA) experience has been enhanced.”

“We will send an email to employees affected by deployment to Exchange Online about five days in advance of the changeover. It will include an instruction packet that explains how to set up your phone and your email,” Merriweather explained. “We encourage everyone to read and follow the instructions provided.”

ETS has provided a SharePoint site located here that provides more information and a schedule for the Exchange Online deployment.   

Approximately 300 ITD employees from ETS, Aeronautics and District 5 have already completed the transition with few problems reported. Current Outlook users should see no change in how they use their mailbox to send and receive emails.

The migration to Exchange Online by everyone at ITD is expected to be complete by about the middle of April.

Published 03-13-15