Public Transportation advisory group seeks public comment
on 2015 State Management Plan

Idaho Transportation Department’s Public Transportation advisory group is seeking public comment on the 2015 State Management Plan to be released in May 2015. 

The Public Transportation State Management Plan is for Federal Transit Administration Sections 5310, 5311, 5303/5304, 5339/5309, and 5307 grant programs and describes ITD’s Public Transportation adopted policies and procedures for administering state-managed grant programs.

These grant programs offer federal financial assistance to organizations that serve the citizens of Idaho.

A copy of the State Management Plan can be viewed here.  Public comment period is open through May 10.  Public comments can be directed to

For more information about the State Management Plan contact the Idaho Transportation Department Public Transportation at (208) 334-8875 or toll free at (800) 527-7985.

Published 04-10-15