ITD Vault: 21 Years Ago
July/Aug. 1994

ITD videos are no longer low-budget

Last year, Highway Safety and ITD’s video production facility won a Silver Rocky award from the Idaho Advertising Federation for best public service announcement. The winning campaign focused in the importance of using seat belts.

The “Don't get smashed, get belted" public service announcement has been airing throughout Idaho for the last two years.

Our video facility is participating in more projects than ever before and we anticipate even more involvement in the next few years, said David Tuttle, ITD television production supervisor. He has seen many changes since he started working for ITD in 1987.

We have gone from producing low-budget industrials to creating award-winning, broadcast-quality videos,” he said.
Video production at ITD has not only improved, according to Tuttle, but also has increased.

“Video has proven to be a highly effective medium for delivering information."

In April, Highway Safety and the ITD video-production crew directed their attention to another important issue: the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) law. ALS will enable officers to seize the license of intoxicated drivers at the time of arrest. Idaho is the 34th state to enact the ALS law, which went into effect July 1.

To help officers become more familiar with the new law, a dramatization of a DUI arrest was filmed. Portions were used to create a training video for law-enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Funded by a Highway Safety grant, the project was coordinated by Driver Services. The video featured officer Matt Manning, Idaho State Police; Sgt. Rita Rowe, Ada County Sheriff; and Glen Hughes, creative director for K-106 Boise and a radio actor.

Segments of the DUI footage will be used in a public service announcement produced by Highway Safety. “NO WAY OUT…On the Spot License Suspension” was the theme of the campaign that aired in June.

Other new projects already on the calendar, including a new Aeronautics video, are keeping Tuttle and his staff busy.

It’s na exciting time for us,” he said. “We want to invite anyone interested in facility to come by, take a look at some of our recent productions, and talk with us about your ideas.”

For those of you who haven’t a clue where video production is located, it’s in the Training and Development Annex building. It’s a modest little place, but it’s a home.


Editor’s 2015 Note: Tuttle is now in his 28th year with ITD. A few years after he started, Mark Hall joined him in the video-production unit, and those two have been the department’s videography unit ever since, and won dozens of awards during that time for their productions. If you’re looking for them now, they are no longer in the T&D Annex Building. You can find them in the same place where they have resided for the past dozen years — on the far west end of the Print Shop building out behind Headquarters’ main office.  Since the Administrative License Suspension became law, ITD has processed more than 147,000 ALS packets, and about 27 percent of those have requested a hearing, at which point the suspension is either sustained or vacated.


Published 05-01-15