District 1, 2 and 3 equipment roadeo winners announced

The best of the best were at it again in western and north Idaho at last week’s district equipment roadeos, as crews measured both performance and knowledge. The annual test of skill and ability took place at the Athol Gravel Pit May 19 (D1), Dworshak Reservoir May 21 (D2), and Garden Valley May 27 (D3).

District 4 finished their competition May 13, while District 5 and District 6 held their events this week. The statewide competition will be held June 9 at the D5 main yard in Pocatello.

Two rounds of scoring through the truck-driving and loader-operator courses were recorded, in addition to a written exam. Participants had 10 minutes to find five “planted” defects in the truck inspection portion of the competition and 10 minutes to answer 10 multiple-choice questions.

District 1
 - 1st  Foreman Jeff Keicker, Coeur d’Alene Mtce.
 - 1st  Jed Henderson, South & East Mtce.
 - 2nd Travis Miller, Sandpoint Mtce.
 - 3rd  Preston Elliott, Mullan Mtce.






Pictured from left to right: Preston Elliott, Jed Henderson, Travis Miller, Jeff Keicker



District 2
 - 1st  Foreman Mark Schuster, Lochsa Mtce., Kooskia Shed
 - 1st  Ty Winther, Moscow Mtce., Potlatch Shed
 - 2nd Eric A. Nelson, Lochsa Mtce., Kooskia Shed
 - 3rd Mike Allen, Lewiston Mtce., Boville Shed

Pictured from left to right: Mike Allen, Eric Nelson, Ty Winther, Mark Schuster

District 3
- 1st Foreman David Dansereau 
- 1st  Brad Steiner, New Meadows Mtce.
- 2nd Tony Anchustegui, Orchard Mtce.
- 3rd Kelley Dick, Materials



Pictured from left to right: Brad Steiner, Tony Anchustegui, Kelley Dick, David Dansereau.




Published 06-05-15