D2 Striping Crew recognized for Border Days pre-event help

Working closely with cities contained in each ITD district has been a hallmark of the department for decades, and recent work of the District 2 Striping Crew in conjunction with the city of Grangeville is another prime example.

In the early morning hours of June 30, the Striping Crew, under the leadership of foreman Rod Parsells (pictured), tackled the somewhat routine, but important, task of refreshing the striping on Main Street (Idaho 13) through Grangeville. The town was preparing for its annual Independence Day celebration, Border Days, and the fresh paint helped improve safety for drivers and pedestrians attending the event.

The ITD crew and the city partnered together to ensure that the road was clear of parked cars and debris prior to the painting application.

“It is a great team effort, another indicator of the vital partnerships we have with our neighboring communities,” said D2 Engineering Manager Doral Hoff.  “We understand the importance of Border Days to the community, and we are honored to be a little part of that.” 

“It is so very nice to have our downtown looking good for the thousands of people who come to our town during our annual Fourth of July Border Days,” explained Grangeville Mayor Bruce H. Walker. “ITD’s participation, along with our city crew and local volunteers, help make the celebration a great success.”



Published 07-02-15