Grayson featured on recent ISU recruitment billboard

Brittany Grayson, the daughter of District 5 TSEA Pat Grayson (who works in the Engineering Group in Pocatello), is featured on Idaho State University's recent recruitment billboard, shown above. The billboard is located on Interstate 15, about a mile south of the district office.

Brittany is in her senior year in nuclear engineering at ISU, with plans to graduate in the spring. Proud dad Pat says Brittany "chose nuclear engineering because it looked like the most interesting and unique of the engineering degrees."

Brittany graduated with honors from Century High School in 2012. She enjoys baking, watching movies and reading books, but with a work study/internship at ISU in addition to her regular coursework, there's not much time left to indulge those other interests…yet!

"Brittany is very dedicated to her schoolwork," said Pat. "After she graduates with her bachelor's degree this spring, she plans on getting a graduate degree."

"Pat's a very smart, talented and dedicated employee, who must have passed those genes on to his daughter Brittany," said D5 District Engineer Ed Bala. "This kind of thing only happens once, so I really hope Pat is able to celebrate this with his daughter and family."

Pat (pictured left) has been with ITD since May 1983.


Published 06-26-15