ITD employees Tucker, Horrocks thanked by ISP for service and honesty

ITD District 6 employees Fred Tucker (below, left) and Lynn Horrocks (below, right) were thanked by Idaho State Police Lieutenant Chris Weadick, of Idaho Falls, for their honesty and customer-service focus for retrieving a lost wallet and turned over its contents — including $400 in cash — to law enforcement for return to a Colorado woman who’d placed the wallet on the hood of her car.

Tucker and Horrocks found the wallet on the centerline of U.S. 20 north of Rigby, rounded up the cash that had spilled out, and promptly turned it over to police.

In a letter to ITD District 6 District Engineer Kimbol Allen, Weadick said ISP contacted the grateful woman and shipped her the belongings via UPS. Weadick said  the two ITD employees spotted the wallet, saw money scattered around the right of way, gathered up the money and other contents and restored them to their proper folders before turning in the wallet.

“The woman apparently put the wallet on her car and then drove off. When the wallet slid off the vehicle, its contents spilled out and were dispersed by the wind,” Weadick explained.

“Many thanks to Fred and Lynn for their vigilance and honesty. This kind of customer service builds confidence in the minds of motorists that ITD employees and other Idaho workers do the right thing every day.”

Published 07-02-15