Cadre of new emergency response tools available to ITD employees

A new tool that will help ITD employees become better prepared for emergencies that affect Idaho transportation has been added to the department’s Transporter/Intranet portal site.

Information on the new site is available by accessing the emergency program tab on the menu at the left of the Transporter/Intranet portal. Clicking on that tab opens the door to an array of valuable information for ITD employees. (The menu bar is shown at right, below)

“Being prepared for emergencies is a cornerstone of the ITD Emergency Program,” said supervisor Mel Coulter. “The program is based on the fundamental principle that every ITD employee plays a critical role in responding to a major disaster, whether serving on the frontline or helping those on the frontline. Every personal contribution to ITD’s united emergency response effort is valuable.

“ITD’s ‘United Response’ begins with ‘U.’”

Most of the information gives general emergency guidance to employees, but phone numbers and email addresses under the “contacts” section are not intended for public dissemination, Coulter said.

Because the Emergency Program site resides on the department’s Sharepoint site behind the firewall, information is available only to ITD employees.

A security note at the top of the Sharepoint site indicates: “Information on this site is for Idaho Transportation Department emergency use only. It may not be shared or disseminated outside the department without permission of the ITD Emergency Program Supervisor.”

The site provides quick access to a wealth of important information employees might need during an emergency, including emergency plans, evacuation plans, outside resources and publications. But the contacts information and emergency links also will be valuable for general ITD use.

“The element I am most excited about, and hope employees access often, is the emergency bulletins at the bottom of the main page,” Coulter said. “In the past few months, we have published quick, easy-to-read information about floods, earthquakes, wildfires, personal preparedness, building evacuations, active-shooter threats and safe summer travel.

“The bulletins begin with a blank canvas. I invite all employees to finish painting the pictures by suggesting topics for future articles and giving feedback about those we already published,” Coulter added. “This site belongs to the department – I am merely a caretaker.”

He welcomes feedback and suggestions. They can be sent to


Published 06-26-15