ITD’s Governmental Affairs unit takes on pair of new challenges:
webinars and negotiated rulemaking

Less than a month into his new position in ITD’s Governmental Affairs unit, Ramon Hobdey-Sanchez (pictured below right) staked out new customer-service territory for the department when he tackled the complex world of webinars and negotiated rulemaking June 24.  A second webinar is planned July 16 for another rule going through the negotiated-rulemaking process.
To prepare for the upcoming 2016 Idaho legislative session, ITD is utilizing the process of negotiated rulemaking for proposed administrative rules. Although negotiated rulemaking has been around for years, and has been championed by the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Welfare, it is a brand new concept for ITD. The process is strongly encouraged both in the Idaho Legislature and the Governor’s Office. 

“There’s no doubt the process is a bit more time consuming than the usual practice,” said Sanchez.  “But there is a strong, intrinsic value in directly involving all of the affected stakeholders and industries affected by ITD’s administrative rules.”

Negotiated rulemaking provides the opportunity for all players involved to directly influence the way in which ITD’s rules are written and crafted. Using a webinar to do it allows all interested parties to connect in a convenient, interactive method using just a call-in line and computer.
“The process itself is fairly straight-forward, and so far it has been a pretty smooth transition for all those involved,” he added.

Projects of this magnitude are rarely a solo effort, but instead are accomplished by many people coming together to work toward a particular goal, such as the successful passage of new or modified ITD administrative rules. Sanchez is well aware of this. But it is also true that every project needs someone to carry the baton forward from the front of the pack, and in this case it was Sanchez.

Sanchez joined ITD May 27 as the Governmental Affairs Program Specialist in Mollie McCarty’s unit. He was quickly thrust into the center of ITD’s adventure into the negotiated-rulemaking process.

A lifelong Idahoan with a political science degree from Boise State University and a law degree from the University of Idaho College of Law, Sanchez’s professional background includes working for the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Idaho Legislative Services Office and the Idaho Office of the Attorney General. His skill set includes a strong understanding of public policy, legislative processes and an in-depth knowledge of the wide variety of communities and cultures throughout the state.

Published 07-02-15