District 1, 2 teamwork results in 1,300 tons paved

ITD’s focus on customer service extends to our treatment of each other internally – from one ITD employee to another. Cooperation and assistance between districts is a critical example.

In early July, District 2 Operations Manager Bob Schumacher, sent a note of thanks to District 1 Maintenance Foreman Marc Johnson for assistance Johnson and fellow crewmembers Russ Filler, Kevin Falcon and Jed Henderson provided in delivering a paving machine to the Moscow maintenance shed and training District 2 personnel, resulting in a new mixing pad being placed in the Moscow yard.

“With this newfound knowledge, the District Two crew (Ty Winther, Jole Wells and Joe Hodge) went on to pave a critical snowplow turnaround/recreational site on US-12 at milepost 143.2 for Lochsa Maintenance, and the southbound chain-up area at the north end of Whitebird Hill on U.S. 95 for Grangeville Maintenance. This team successfully placed approximately 1,300 tons of HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) in only seven working days,” Schumacher wrote.

“Russ Filler, Kevin Falcon, and Jed Henderson are very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with,” added Schumacher in his note to Johnson. “We appreciate your efforts and hope to work together in the future.”

Published 07-24-15