Pair of drivers-licensing kudos highlight agency's service focus

A pair of licensing kudos recently received in the drivers licensing section highlight the ITD commitment to customer service.

First, this voice message came in July 10:

“Hi Lisa, my name is Benjamin Hadfield. I was helped by your associate, April. She was fantastic! She went well above and beyond my expectations and my needs as well, to ensure that everything was taken care of for me. She didn't have to do what she did. But she did it anyway and did a fantastic job. She was extremely patient, extremely professional and is a great credit to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the State of Idaho. I can’t speak highly enough of the service she provided. It was over 45 minutes of time that she took out of her day and her 'handle time' to make sure my problems were resolved completely, thoroughly and professionally. I wish I could say more. She was extraordinary!”

Editor’s note: The “Lisa” referenced above is presumably unit supervisor Lisa Helton and “April” is April Davis (pictured).

Next, this voice message followed at noon July 17:

 “I recently had a request processed because my wife lost her wallet. You guys made it really easy because you’re really fast and good at what you do. We got the wallet back today and I’m just really thankful and I appreciate you.”



Published 07-24-15