Retired police commander praises high quality of Idaho 55 chip seal

The Idaho 55 chip-seal project, underway between Horseshoe Bend and Donnelly in southwestern Idaho, recently earned kudos from a retired Arizona state police officer.

In an email to District 3 leadership July 10, former law enforcement commander Jerry W. Crosley said he traveled from Garden Valley to Boise early in the week on the first day of operation and returned a few days later, passing through the chip seal both times.  On the return trip, the work had progressed beyond the Banks-to-Lowman Road cutoff before he finally caught up to the project.

“When I returned to Garden Valley today, 07/10, I was delighted with the condition of the roadway, AND with the fact that the project had moved so fast,” Crowley wrote.

“In the 20+ years I rode highways in Arizona, I have NEVER seen a project move that quickly, nor have I ever seen a surfacing project that turned out so well.

“I have spent thousands of hours, literally, on public roads and highways. I have seen many construction projects over the years, and have never felt a need to discuss them with DOT other than for repairs that were a danger to the public.”

“Good work, gang. Glad you’re out there.”

Published 07-24-15