ITD From the Vault:

The wit and wisdom from Transporters of yesteryear

The Seventies brought us many good things, as well as many regrettable choices. Here is some of the wit and wisdom the Transporter brought to us in 1976:

- A great many so-called open minds should be closed for repairs.

- A shin is a wonderful device for finding furniture in the dark.

- When you’re in deep water, it’s a good idea to keep your mouth shut.

- Vacant minds, like vacant lots, often become dumping grounds.

- Nobody is utterly worthless; if nothing else, he can serve as a horrible example.



When for no reason you feel depressed,
it’s best to erase from your mind
the bleak thoughts, the black thoughts,
and think only the positive kind;
make a list of all your attributes,
successes in business and intimate,
and when all’s summed up you may find
your worries are quite legitimate.

* * *

We the willing,
led by the unknowing,
Are doing the impossible
for the ungrateful,
We have done so much
For so long
With so little
We are now qualified
to do nothing
with anything.

Published 08-28-15