Idaho's 511 traveler services site adds new features, improvements

Recent changes to Idaho Transportation Department’s 511 Idaho Traveler Services website are meant to enhance a user’s experience when the popular website is accessed for current highway and travel information.

Links to download the free 511 app for iPhone may be found on ITD's 511 Travel Information page at The new app also may be downloaded through the iPhone and Android app stores.

“We’ve updated and improved the quality of what we have been delivering for the past 10 years,” said Tony Ernest, ITD's traveler services coordinator. The department’s award-winning 511 system remains one of the most robust in the country, based on input and suggestions from its users.

The 511 website recently rolled out several new improvements and features:

  • A new event-location system now allows 511 users of both the website and smartphone app to zoom in for a better-quality map view that closely follows every twist and turn along all Idaho highways to within a few feet.
  • The new initial landing page for the 511 website was redesigned to make it easier to understand and navigate.
  • A complete redesign of the full-feature, high-bandwidth version of the 511 website emphasizes ease of use and navigation while retaining the popular features and functionality of the older full-feature website.

“Users may navigate to a specific place by typing in a city name or specific address,” Ernest explained, adding that the main 511 page is Google Map-based and allows selection of specific display layers.

“You may also define a route by typing in beginning and end points, just like Google’s ‘Get Directions’ feature,” Ernest said. “It’s possible to view all travel conditions and construction along a selected route.”

The site continues to support personalized 511 accounts and allows users to save a favorite route, and get live notification of travel issues along the saved route using text messages or email.  

A new 511 website layer shows messages and advisories currently displayed on all permanent Dynamic Message Signs located strategically across the state.  

ITD's 511 Traveler Services system replaced the Idaho road report in 2005, providing computer access to voice-recorded information through a toll-free telephone number.

Published 08-28-15