Hawkins finds Magstadt wedding ring, earns undying gratitude

On Sept. 10, Suzanne Hawkins of ITD’s Financial Services section (pictured below) found an item of tremendous sentimental value at the east entrance to the headquarters building and turned it in to Building Services. It remained unclaimed for several days. The owner was well aware that it was missing, but not at all aware that it had slipped off at work. Here’s the story, from the mouth of the rightful ringbearer, Dianna Magstadt:

“I am refinishing the hardwood floors in my house, so I had to pack up my entire downstairs.  I thought I had misplaced my wedding ring somewhere in the house, and was going crazy looking for it.  I didn’t even consider the fact that I may have lost it outside of the home.  Then an email came out announcing the discovery of ‘an item of value.’  Again, I didn’t think I lost my ring outside of the house, but I thought I would check anyway since Chad Coles, Building Services Manager, is right across the hall from me.  I asked Chad if by chance a wedding ring was found and had been turned in. He said ‘maybe’. 

I began to describe the ring to him, and then he pulled my ring out of his drawer. I was so shocked it was my ring that I started crying!  I asked who found the ring, and he said he didn’t know the gal’s name, but added that she was checking with him every day to see if the ring was claimed. I was so grateful that I went upstairs and asked her to stand up and I gave her a big bear hug and she said ‘it was your ring, wasn’t it’? 

I wanted to do something special for Suzanne, but after paying for my floors, I didn’t have much money left. So I gave Suzanne a bouquet of flowers and a thank-you card with two movie tickets and $50. 

At least she can enjoy an evening out on me!”

Published 09-25-15