Beckstead, Maupin compete in national Snow & Ice skills event
Preston’s Beckstead nabs second in Loader competition

Southeastern Idaho continues to perform well in the road-clearing and equipment-operation skills that translate into safer, better routes for drivers. For the second year in a row, Matt Beckstead of the Preston Maintenance shed competed in the Western Snow & Ice Conference and National Truck Roadeo in Colorado.  This year he finished second from among 55 national competitors in the Loader event at the competition Sept. 30.

“We're really excited to have skilled and committed employees like Matt,” said ITD southeastern Idaho District Engineer Ed Bala. “The skills he sharpens at these events translates directly to safer winter driving for our citizens.”

Beckstead (pictured below), who along with ITD's 2015 first-place winner Trent Maupin from D6 (Sugar City Maintenance shed) represented ITD at the regional event Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Beckstead, the 2014 Idaho statewide winner, also finished 12th in the Motor Grader event and 14th in the Skid Steer (Bobcat) event.

As a team, Beckstead and Maupin (pictured above, left to right) finished 11th in the Tandem Axle Snow Plow event, and 19th in the single-axle version.

"Matt’s consistent high performance in state and national competitions for equipment operators shows that he has the ability to transform knowledge of equipment operation into a skill at the expert level," explained Preston Maintenance Foreman Jeremy Wood. "Expert-level equipment operators are a precious asset for any organization, and we at ITD are proud to have Matt on our team."

Beckstead’s second-place finish was surpassed only by the first-place finish of Jarrett Porter from D4 in the 2001 competition, and equals the finish of D1’s Mike Rearden in 2012, who also finished second in the loader event.

Including this year’s top finish by Beckstead, here are the Top Ten finishes by ITD individuals and teams at the Snow & Ice competition:

2010  -  7th place - Pete McGuire (D4)
                                   Bruce Dial (D5)
2005  -  6th place - Mark Johnson(D1)
                                   Dan Davis (D3)
2003  -  8th place - Dan Davis (D3)
                                   Robin Freeman (D3)

2014  -  5th place -  Matt Beckstead (D5)
                                   Dan Daniels (D5)
2010  -  4th place  - Pete McGuire (D4)
                                   Bruce Dial (D5)
2007   - 2nd place - Robin Freeman (D3)
                                   Mike Praegitzer (D4)
2004  -  5th place -  George Shutes (D1)
                                   Dale Fremont (D6)

            2015 – 2nd place – Matt Beckstead (D5)
            2014  -  5th place  -  Bruce Dial (D5)
                         10th place  -  Matt Beckstead (D5)
            2012  -  2nd place  - Mike Rearden (D1)
            2011  -  8th place  -  Kelley Dick (D3)
                        10th place  -  Mike Rearden (D1)
            2006  -  9th place  -  Robin Freeman (D3)                                   
            2004  -  9th place  -  George Shutes (D1)
            2003  -  8th place  -  Dan Davis (D3)
            2001  -  1st place  -  Jarret Porter (D4)

            2011  -  7th place  -  Kelley Dick (D3)
            2007  -  7th place  -  Mike Praegitzer (D4)
            2003  -  10th place  -  Dan Davis (D3)

Published 10-09-15