Federal-aid funding, Federal Lands Access program and technology
highlight Oct. 22 board meeting

Discussion of federal-aid funding projects, review of a transportation access program from Federal Lands, and a presentation of technology systems will highlight the Idaho Transportation Board's Oct. 21-22 meeting in Boise, at ITD's Headquarters, 3311 W. State Street.


The board will conduct a workshop Oct. 21 as part of its monthly meeting activities in Boise.

The focus of the workshop is Operations’ technology systems. The purpose is to explain the use and applications of the transportation technology software. Some systems that will be explained and/or demonstrated include the Transportation Economic Development Impact System (also known as TREDIS), the Travel Demand Model, the Web Global Information System, the Web Crash Analysis Reporting System, and the Project Scheduling System.

Federal Lands Access program

At the business meeting at ITD’s Boise Headquarters Oct. 22, the board will be asked to approve the Federal Lands Access Program project recommendations. This program was established to improve transportation facilities that provide access to, are adjacent to, or are located within federal lands. It supplements state and local resources for public roads, transit systems, and other transportation facilities with an emphasis on high-use recreation sites and economic generators.

A technical group of stakeholders, such as the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Park Service, review, evaluate and rank project proposals based on safety, preservation, recreation and economic opportunities, mobility, sustainability and environmental quality, and readiness and support. The recommended capital-improvement projects include Bogus Basin Road in District 3; Riverside Road in Boundary County; Snake River Road/Bear Creek Road in Bonneville County; and Yale-Kilgore Road in Fremont County.

Recommendations also include two surface-preservation projects: Pine-Featherville Road in District 3 and the Dixie Road in District 2, plus two enhancement projects: a trail on U.S. 93 in District 6 and boat access to Priest River in District 1.

District infrastructure end-of-year statement

In accordance with board policy, an end-of-the year statement will be provided on projects completed on the state highway system to demonstrate full use of ITD’s federal-aid funding.

All fiscal year 2015 district infrastructure projects were delivered except delayed until FY17. Of the 82 projects delivered, totaling $181.2 million, 21 projects were advanced from later programmed years. There were 22 Strategic Initiative projects, 37 pavement preservation and restoration projects, and 23 bridge preservation and restoration projects.

Transportation alternatives program update

An overview on the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) will be provided.

The Federal Highway Administration provides TAP funds for alternative transportation projects. Types of eligible projects include bicycle/pedestrian pathways, traffic-calming measures, sidewalks, improving sidewalks to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and Safe Routes to School Coordinators.

A new TAP manual was published earlier this year. Funding has been distributed to 52 projects, totaling $13.1 million for FY14-18.

Future activities include updating the TAP policies, updating the website, and conducting outreach and training to project sponsors.


Published 10-16-15