Wit and wisdom from Transporters of old

The Other Fellow
When the other fellow acts that way, he’s ugly and petty….when you do, it’s just nerves.

When he’s set in his ways, he’s obstinate…when you do, it’s firmness.

When he states his opinion strongly, that’s bullheaded…when you do, it’s conviction.

When he’s trying to be accommodating, he’s polishing the apple…when you do it, you’re using tact.

When he takes time to do things, he is dead slow…when you take ages, you are deliberate and thorough.

When he picks flaws, he’s cranky…when you do it, you are showing discrimination and refinement.

When he doesn’t do it, he’s lazy…when you don’t do it, you’re too busy.

When he skips a few rules of etiquette, he’s being rude and presumptuous…when you do, you are just being unique and bucking conformity.

When the other fellow does it without being asked, he’s overstepping his bounds…when you do, you are showing initiative.

When he doesn’t like your friends, he’s prejudiced…when you don’t like his, you are simply showing good judgment.

If Everyone...
If everyone who drives a car
would lie a month in bed,

With broken bones and
stitched-up wounds,
Or fractures of the head,

And there endure the agonies
that many people do,

They'd never need preach
safety any more to me or

If everyone could stand beside
the bed of some close friend

And hear the doctor say, "No
hope," before the end,

And see him there unconscious,
never knowing what took

the law and rules of traffic
I'm sure we'd all embrace.

If everyone could meet the
wife and children left

And step into the darkened
home where once the
sunlight shined,

And look upon the vacant
chair where daddy used to

I'm sure some reckless drivers
would be forced to think a

If everyone who takes the
wheel would say a little

And keep in mind those in the
car depending on his care,

And make a vow and pledge
himself to never take a

A great crusade for safety
would suddenly advance.






Published 10-09-15