Headquarters’ annual giving campaign tally surpasses last year’s total

Contributions to the 2015 State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign made by Headquarters' employees fell just short of the $10,000 goal, but far exceeded last year's total of $7,096.

During the month of October, more than $9,400 was raised, a few dollars at a time, for supporting the United Way and charitable organizations across Idaho.

"BE THE ONE" was the theme of this year's fundraising campaign. Activities designed to help grease giving at Headquarters included the ITD "Ugly Lamp." This example of tacky illumination moved through HQ desk-by-desk, and unit-by-unit, quietly soliciting donations for the sole purpose of getting rid of it.

"I AM THE ONE" photographs also were taken, or not, for a $1 donation. Those pictures are currently on display in the Headquarters Lobby.

The annual Basket Raffle featured nine themed baskets up for bid. Themes ranged from Minions to Star Wars.

Organizers Tabitha Smith and Sandy Harris offered thanks to all who participated.

Published 11-13-15