Idaho Transportation Board monthly meeting set for Nov. 18
at Headquarters

A presentation by the Dealer Advisory Board (DAB), discussion of professional services agreements and term agreement work tasks, and review of the department's financial situation will lead agenda items for the Idaho Transportation Board's November meeting in Boise.

The board's monthly business meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 9 a.m. in the Idaho Transportation Department Headquarters' Auditorium, 3311 W. State St.

Dealer Advisory Board (DAB) Annual Report
DAB Chairman Grant Petersen is scheduled to give the DAB's annual report on its various activities.

The DAB was created to assist and advise the department on automobile dealer and salesman licensing issues as well as other motor vehicle related programs.

An update on the Idaho Consumer Asset Recovery Fund (ICAR) will be provided. All licensed vehicle dealers are to pay into this fund in lieu of maintaining a surety bond. These funds are available for use by consumers to file claims with the DAB, which serves as the ICAR board. To date, there have been no claims to the ICAR fund, which also requires a court judgment to be awarded to the consumer.

The allowable uses of dealer plates were confusing for dealers, salesmen, and law enforcement. Working with the department, the DAB helped create easy to read and follow instructions for users of these plates and for law enforcement. Labels for the back of the dealer plate series were manufactured on weather-resistant material and are being placed on the back of new plates that explains what the different plates can be used for.

Professional Services Agreements and Term Agreement Work Tasks
During the past month, 22 new professional services agreements and work tasks were issued in the amount of $750,000 and five supplemental agreements to existing professional services agreements were issued for $89,682.

Some of the agreements were issued because special expertise was needed for geotechnical work, roadway design, environmental issues, subsurface investigation, and construction. Districts 3 and 1 requested the most professional services for six and five projects, respectively. Agreements were also issued for nine local public agency projects.

Financial Statements
The department's financial situation is sound three months into the fiscal year. Revenues to the State Highway Account from all state sources are ahead of forecast by almost 3 percent. State revenues to the State Aeronautics Fund are ahead of projections by 4.6 percent.

The department's expenditures are within the planned budgets, with personnel costs realizing a savings of $3.1 million or 10 percent due to vacancies and timing between a position becoming vacant and being filled. Expenditures for the GARVEE Program are progressing as planned. It is estimated that the final payments from bond proceeds will be expended by the end of December, which will complete an investment of just over $857 million from bond proceeds.

Published 11-13-15