ITD releases user-friendly 2015 annual report

Providing a simple, condensed overview of the Idaho Transportation Department's work to ensure a safe and robust state transportation system, ITD's report of its 2015 activities is now available.

Click here for a link to the ITD annual report, in PDF format.

The four-page annual report includes information about Idaho's current transportation demographics and infrastructure, department accomplishments and performance measures, innovative business practices and financial information. Also included is discussion of new revenue provided by the Idaho Legislature and how that money is being used.

"Our 2015 annual report reflects the accomplishments of ITD as we continue our mission of improving safety, mobility and economic opportunity for Idaho road users and taxpayers," said ITD Director Brian W. Ness.

"It showcases ITD's efforts to connect with citizens in straight talk rather than bureaucratic government language. Citizens will clearly see how we have become more effective as an organization by being innovative and building a constructive culture," he explained. "Improvements at ITD have had a direct and positive impact on the citizens of Idaho and all users of our transportation system."

ITD's 2015 achievements include reducing highway fatalities over the past five years despite an increase in more miles traveled, cost- and time-saving innovations, improving winter mobility for Idaho travelers, and receiving 33 state and national awards.

Last year, ITD's annual report earned a certificate of excellence by the Association of Government Accountants for the department's new format. Certificates are granted to entities that prepare and distribute high-quality, citizen-centric reports incorporating the program's high standards of content, visual appeal, readability, distribution and timeliness.

The report is available on the department's website at It is listed under "Publications," and then click the "2015 Annual Report" link under "Annual Reports."

Published 12-04-15