Inkom Port’s assistance with quad axle earns nod from Pacific Steel

Assistance from three ITD employees with the Inkom Port of Entry on inspection of a new 53-foot quad axle flatbed trailer in early December prompted Pacific Steel to send a letter of appreciation to the department a week later.
The letter, from Pacific Steel’s Warehouse Supervisor, Rod Teeter, read in part:

“I wanted to take a minute and recognize a couple of your employees in reference to their professionalism, time, and patience. This is a piece of equipment that neither my drivers nor myself have had any experience with. All of the trailers we have operated until now have been 45' closed tandem flatbeds.

“After receiving notification that our trailer was ready for pick up, I called David Hankla. I asked if it would be possible to have an inspector come to Pacific Steel to help us ensure we had all the information available to make sure our trailer was legal and ready for the road.

“Dave was very agreeable to helping us with this task and asked us when the trailer would be on site. Randall Woolridge and Jason Morgan from the Inkom Roving port of Entry took nine different bridge measurements of the trailer, drew them out and gave a full detailed explanation, then took the time to help us with load placement. They also helped us update our current permits to cover our new needs. Pictured above, l to r: Hankla, Woolridge and Morgan.

“After this was complete, they worked with us at the southbound scale helping us get the scales on our trailer properly adjusted and set. They then figured out and explained to us our off track. All in all, these gentlemen were with us between our facility and your scales for 5-1/2 hours. Because of them, we were able to make our first run with this trailer with confidence that were in compliance and gave us a more comfortable feel on how this trailer worked. These gentlemen, in my opinion went above and beyond for us. I would like to say thank you once again for all their help and time.”

Published 01-15-16