ITD innovation team wants your ideas

Innovations have been critical to ITD’s success, saving more than $700,000 during the new “Innovate ITD!” effort that began in February of 2014. The results from empowering ITD employees to spend more time innovating has delighted the users of the state’s transportation system – the citizens and businesses of Idaho.

Last fiscal year, ITD generated 124 ideas and implemented 70 innovations – saving an estimated $385,000 and 12,300 work hours.  So far this year, 44 ideas have been implemented, saving more than $327,000 in FY16.

“I hope everyone continues to look at their business processes for new and innovative ways to do their jobs,” said Carla Anderson, an ITD innovation steward.  

Anderson and 10 other designated stewards from within the department help fellow employees develop innovative ideas using Design Thinking Tools created by Boise State University. Led by District 2 Engineer Dave Kuisti, the group fosters and shares innovations throughout the state.

“Sometimes it’s more apparent to us when someone else is doing something innovative because ‘We just do what we do, right?’ and we may not think anything of it,” Anderson explained. “I’m asking everyone to ‘Be on the lookout!’ Let your steward know when you or a colleague have an innovative idea.”

“It is fun to be on the cutting edge of changes that make a difference, contributing to a healthy work culture where employees are taken seriously and recognized for their efforts,” said Anderson. “That’s why so many employees are participating. We’re saying ‘yes’ to impressive changes by embracing the environment it takes to harvest innovations from an organization rich with talent and great ideas.”

By recognizing employees as innovators individually and as part of a team, ITD employees benefit from utilizing this forum to share ideas, successes and celebration.

“We need your ideas,” said Anderson. “The volunteer steward for your division is eagerly waiting to help you.”

Steward Team Lead - Dave Kuisti (District 2)

District 1 Jason Minzghor
District 2 Doral Hoff
District 3 Jennifer Gonzalez
District 4 Trey Mink
District 5 Jesse Barrus
District 6 Joshua Sprague
Division of Aeronautics Laura Adams
Division of Motor Vehicles Santiago Palomera
Division of Engineering Services Kevin Sablan
Division of Products & Plans Dennis Jensen

Division of Administration, Internal        
Review, Human Resource Services,
Enterprise Technology Services,
Office of Communication, Legal, and Governmental Affairs Office

Carla Anderson

Published 02-05-16