Department of Agriculture thanks ITD for invasive species assistance

Another example of the value of partnership, especially between state agencies, came in mid-January when the Idaho Department of Agriculture (ISDA) wrote to ITD Director Brian Ness to thank him for the department’s continuing efforts on behalf of Idaho’s Invasive Species Program.

“ISDA would specifically like to thank Stephanie Hale, Dan Gorley, and the many others of your department who assist with the watercraft inspection program. This hard work is appreciated and helps to protect Idaho's economy and natural resources. As you are aware, invasive species pose a serious threat to the economies and way of life of those states they infest, which is why your assistance is so greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you again for your help protecting Idaho. Invasive species cannot be kept out of Idaho without your ongoing support and never-ending vigilance,” ISDA Director Celia Gould wrote.

Hale is in District 1’s Traffic shop, Gorley is a bridge asset management engineer, and credit also goes to the district sign shops for installing the signs. Hale and Gorley are pictured, left.

Published 01-29-16