ITD northern Idaho crew recognized by Gateway Fire group for service

The Gateway Fire Protection District, in Plummer, recently sent a letter to ITD’s District 1 office to recognize the snow-removal efforts of the crew serving that area
Fire Chief Jody Cuthbert wrote “The Gateway Fire District would like to acknowledge the efforts and long hours dedicated to keeping the roadways clear in our district. These efforts are often unappreciated and go unnoticed. During this last winter, our district has had zero medical transports due to weather-related crashes and significantly fewer calls to accidents. The few accidents we responded to were either minor or non-injury.”

“This figure is outstanding and in large part due to the efforts of the lTD crew assigned to this area. The hard work resulted in safer road conditions throughout our district. Thank you for dedication to our community's safety.”

“We have a great relationship with many of our area partners in the Plummer area and appreciate what the Gateway Fire Group does for the area,” said Marc Johnson, Coeur d’ Alene, U.S. 95 South and Plummer foreman for ITD. “The crew and myself really try to do our best and work hard to ensure safe driving conditions are maintained for everyone.”

“Customer service isn’t a one-time thing for us; my crew goes the extra mile each and every day.”

Pictured above, l to r: John Reed, Dallas Hutchins, Ryan Long, Marc Johnson (Foreman) Tim Clark, Mark Smith - ITD's crew serving the Plummer area.

Published 04-29-16