ITD Service Center unveils new approach in support of agency

Almost all of the vital work done at ITD depends on good Information Technology systems. From the designing and building of roads and bridges, to the critical services provided in DMV offices across the state, access to and efficient use of information systems is absolutely key.

Modernizing IT at ITD – the effort of providing customer-centric, customer-focused technology service – is already underway.

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ITD's Service Center is entering a new era, with new management and new people complementing long-time team members. While the team remains committed to rapidly responding to system outages and requests, the Service Center is doing so with focus on customers, teamwork and communication.

Pictured above are members of the Service Center, from left to right: Darryl Kuhrt, manager Derek Roy, Bruce Boulan, Jeff Figal and Glenn Roberts. Not pictured are Aimee Alicea, Deborah Gravett, Ben Smith and Rachelle Swanson.

The Service Center is committed to providing ITD quality service, despite a cutback in the number of employees available to do this work.

"We are working hard to improve the technologies, processes and communication to make up for this personnel reduction. Initially we are targeting getting back to a normalized level of service," said IT Service Delivery Manager Derek Roy. "It's more than just having more people – having the right people, processes and tools is key. We're also working to get better at understanding and anticipating future needs, so that we can flex our workforce with temporary resources to meet ever- changing customer requirements."

"Through fanatical customer service, a commitment to overseeing a customer's case in the best way possible, and dependable and consistent delivery, we can and will improve how we deliver valuable services to our customers."

Roy said the Service Center is looking to maximize certain assets, like the ETS work-management and ticketing system, to take advantage of every function they offer in order to provide ITD employees and customers with a positive experience. The Service Center also has the opportunity to shine in leading ITD's new coordinated response to major technology outages.

"New initiatives, like a Service Center staff member being your contact and advocate through the technology break-fix process from start to finish, will re-define this unit and help shift our culture toward delivering the technology services you need and want in a quality manner," Roy said.

Published 06-24-16