Maupin wins back-to-back state roadeo titles, joins exclusive club

District 6’s Trent Maupin, of the Sugar City maintenance shed, won the 2016 state roadeo title June 14 in Idaho Falls, joining an exclusive list of former winners to have earned back-to-back state titles. Only three other operators have won consecutive titles in the event’s 23-year history.

Jarrett Porter of District 4 won three of his five state titles consecutively (’94, ‘96-98,’ 01’), Robin Freeman of District 3 won in 2006 and 2007 to go with a 2003 state title, and Mike Rearden of District 1 prevailed in 2011 and 2012.

The roadeo tests drivers’ skills as they maneuver snowplows and heavy loaders through obstacle courses. In addition, they are given a limited time in the truck-inspection phase to detect five "planted" mechanical or electrical problems in a designated truck.

Maupin scored 2,170 points in the event, followed by fellow District 6 maintenance man Camilo Serrano (Dubois mtce.) in second place with 1998 points. Sarah Woolley of District 4 (Twin Falls mtce.) was 20 points shy of Serrano and earned third place. Robin Freeman, the New Meadows foreman from District 3, was five points back, in fourth position.

Maupin and Serrano will represent ITD in Estes Park, Colorado, at the Western Snow & Ice Conference & Roadeo Sept. 28-30.

District 6 has won four individual state titles in the last 12 years, as Maupin’s back-to-back titles joined Rick Carpenter in 2009 and Dale Fremont in 2004.

District 6 also won the team title this year, lifting the team title from District 5, who had won it the two years prior.

ITD 2016 state equipment roadeo 
1. Trent Maupin, Sugar City Mtce. – D6 (six-time D6 winner & two-time state champion)
2. Camilo Serrano, Dubois Mtce. – D6 (2012 D6 winner, 3rd place state that year)
3. Sarah Woolley, Twin Falls Mtce. – D4 (2014 & 2016 D4 winner)
4. Robin Freeman, New Meadows Mtce. – D3 (10-time D3 winner & three-time state champion)

Top Team – District 6

Published 06-17-16