Department unveils improved Innovate ITD! site for employees

You can read about the unveiling below, or hear about it now!

Innovation is woven into the fiber of ITD employees. Starting in 2014, the department began communicating and sharing the results of this innovative spirit through the Innovate ITD! SharePoint site. Since then, hundreds of great ideas and innovations have been shared across the department. More than $1.5 million and thousands of hours have been saved so far.

The willingness of employees to share ideas and quantifying the results of implementing innovations is a reflection of shifting the culture.

Participation on the Innovate ITD! SharePoint site skyrocketed during FY 16. Total submissions through the end of May totaled 598.  In the last 11 months, 377 innovative ideas and 221 implemented innovations have been shared through the site. 

“Thanks to employees for your hard work, your outstanding results and for taking the time to stand up and be counted!” said Chief Administrative Officer Charlene McArthur, ITD's Innovation champion.

“With the increase utilization of the Innovate ITD! SharePoint site, some of the organic design concepts became a barrier to effectively sharing or reporting our results,” MacArthur said.  “What a great opportunity for improvement - so many people are participating and sharing that it almost broke the site!”

“In the spirit of continuous improvement, the team talked to numerous employees about ways to make the site better, and today we unveil the updated site! Our goal is to maximize participation in ITD’s innovation efforts to multiply the impact of everyone’s hard work — the Times 7 concept,” said Ashley Orme, Continuous Improvement Facilitator. 

ITD’s innovation team created some training videos to highlight how the new site works. Those tutorials are available to any employee accessing the new site. To see the changes and access the training videos, check out the links below.

Innovate ITD Site
Submitting an Idea/Innovation
Converting an Idea into an Innovation
Innovation Scorecards and Reporting Options

Published 07-01-16