ITD begins new program to standardize its mobile phone use

A new program designed to standardize smart-phone use throughout the Idaho Transportation Department begins the first week in August. The program, called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), enables authorized ITD employees to use their own phones instead of devices issued by the department.

Employees who require mobile devices to do their jobs will now have the opportunity to use personal phones for work and receive a quarterly reimbursement that works out to $50 per month. Qualified employees may still opt for an ITD smart phone if preferred.

The program will help ITD better manage the number of devices accessing the agency’s wireless network and assure that the devices are secure.

“The process of rolling this program out has also allowed the department to re-examine who needs a phone to do their job and what exactly these devices need to do,” said Dave Merriweather, project manager with Enterprise Technology Services.

Historically, managers could authorize a state phone for any employee. Going forward, job roles and responsibilities pre-determined by senior management will determine if a position is authorized a state-issued phone or BYOD reimbursement.

“If you are in an authorized job, you have a choice between a state-issued phone or BYOD reimbursement,” said Merriweather. “If you need access to the ITD wireless network to access data files, you will be required to have ITD Mobile Device Management software applied to your department-issued phone or your own mobile device.”

“If you only require access to email, calendars and contacts, there is no requirement to have this software on your personal phone,” he explained.

ITD email is cloud-based, so email, calendars and contacts may still be accessed through an employee’s Internet Service Provider’s connection. Access to the Internet through the department’s wireless network will not be allowed unless ITD mobile device management software is installed on the device.

The first of qualified BYOD reimbursements will begin in mid-October. To qualify for the BYOD program, an employee must be in a role that is authorized a phone, complete a BYOD request form, submit a W9 and a voided check to set up reimbursement.

ITD employees can find out more information on the program through the ITD portal. The Phone Authorization List and BYOD forms will be available the first week in August.

Published 07-22-16