New HQ book club offers inspiring reads

No murder mysteries or romance novels are in the literary mix, but books read as part of ITD’s new book club are sure to inspire.

The ITD Leadership Book Club was recently launched by Michelle Doane to “share our common or not-so-common experiences, and through books, gain insight into becoming strong, vibrant leaders at ITD and in our own lives.

A recent interview process inspired Doane to create the club and submit it as an ITD innovation.

“I wanted to gather people together to talk about leadership and how we experience it in or daily lives,” Doane said. “When I advertised it, some people reminded me that not everyone likes to give up their lunch time. I was pleasantly surprised when 26 other leaders and potential leaders showed up to hear what I wanted to create.”

Club participants have just completed reading the group’s first book “Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek, and are planning a wrap-up meeting Aug. 9 at noon in the HQ Auditorium. The wrap-up session will highlight the book and feature a few guest speakers talking about their “why.”

Lisa Helton, suspension unit supervisor, joined the book club to have more opportunities to network with others, develop new leadership techniques and improve leadership skills.

“The meetings that I’ve been able to attend have been great,” she said. “It’s an awesome opportunity to gain insights from the group and have those discussions about how the concepts in the book apply to ‘real life scenarios.’”

For Kim Moody, Revenue Operations, the book club was a way to network with people who have like-minded ideas about spreading a positive culture.

Leadership Book Club is open to anyone. 

“We read about two chapters every two weeks and meet bi-weekly to discuss the reading,” Doane explained. “Books are picked by popular vote and listed on our SharePoint site.” http://itdportal/sites/Admin/SitePages/lbc.aspx

The group will begin a new book Sept. 1.

Published 07-29-16