Blower adapter redirects airflow, reduces conflicts

Timothy Moon has only been a maintenance worker in District 1’s Coeur d’Alene (U.S. 95 South/I-90 West) shop for less than a month, but he is already showing the kind of creativity and drive that is the hallmark of the Innovate ITD program. His blower adapter puts a new spin on a routine, but frequently hazardous endeavor.

Using the blower to clear debris away from the treatment site on area roadways during crack-filling operations, the worker would frequently need to be positioned out in harm’s way — right in the lanes of traffic.

“Moon’s innovation, an elbow attachment that redirects the blower’s airflow in a more efficient manner, allows the worker to be stationed further away from passing vehicles, enhancing safety for the employee,” explained District 1 Business Operations Manager Scotty Fellom. “It also reduces potential tort claims from the public caused by debris blowing into traffic and hitting vehicles.”

Pictured above at right: Moon and his blower-adapter innovation.

Published 07-22-16