Pedestrian projects, travel and budget discussions will highlight Idaho Transportation Board’s August meeting

Sidewalk and ADA ramp projects in St. Maries, out-of-state travel, and budgeting will highlight the Idaho Transportation Board’s meeting in Rigby next week. The board will tour area projects Aug. 17, and conduct its regular meeting Aug. 18.

Board Tour – Aug. 17
The tour includes visiting the U.S. 20, Thornton Interchange project under construction north of Idaho Falls, and touring two major Idaho Falls businesses — Anheuser Busch and Melaleuca.

Board Meeting – Aug. 18
Out-of-State Travel
The annual out-of-state travel report will be presented to the board at its business meeting at the District 6 office Aug. 18.

The amount budgeted for out-of-state travel in FY16 was $365,322; however, only $286,632 was spent. The Division of Highways spent $151,531, followed by Administration at $85,663, Motor Vehicles at $35,115 and Aeronautics at $14,323. 

A summary of the past five years will also be provided, showing a total of $187,847 spent in FY12.

In contrast, in-state travel in FY16 was $1,269,534 vs. $1,065,358 in FY12.

Sidewalks and ADA ramps in St. Maries
The board will be asked to advance two projects in St. Maries into the FY16 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) -- a sidewalk project, and an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) project.

Last month, several TAP projects were delayed or removed from the program, freeing up $284,000. The city of St. Maries has a project scheduled in FY17 to build sidewalks and ADA ramps. Because the project is ready and is estimated at $280,000, staff will request advancing the project into FY16.

Proposed Budget
The draft FY18 budget was initially presented to the board in June. Since then, the revenue forecast has been updated and additional information obtained. The revised budget will be presented to the board for approval. It will then be submitted to the Division of Financial Management and Legislative Services Office.

The revised forecast increased projected state revenue by $4.4 million. Other budget highlights include $24.8 million for equipment replacement and 14 line items totaling $37.2 million —$13.7 million would be one-time expenditures and $23.5 million in ongoing costs. Line items address additional equipment and facility needs for winter maintenance, equipment for county DMV offices, technology investments, and additional funding for the Idaho Airport Aid Program.

Published 08-12-16