D3’s Fast Connect trims truck-changeover times

A time-saving device that quickly converts maintenance trucks into multi-purpose vehicles was developed and created in the District 3 Maintenance Shop. In as little as 15 minutes, a vehicle that was used as a sign truck can be converted into a dump truck, thanks to the Fast Connect attachment.

The attenuator Fast Connect is an attachment that allows a vehicle operator to remove, as a self-contained unit, a signboard and attenuator, and convert the truck in minutes to a dump, sand or mag. chloride truck. The cost totals around $600 in materials — considerably less expensive than other such devices that could cost roughly $4,800.

The concept, thought up by D3 Shop Manager Michael Willey (pictured left, with invention), was collaboratively designed and constructed by Dan Sanders, Rusty Church and Marty Mendoza (pictured, left to right, below). In total, four trucks are now equipped with the attachment.

“We have a limited number of resources in our shop, and for this crew to basically volunteer to design and build this attachment in addition to completing all of their other responsibilities, is a testament to their level of dedication and care to not only their jobs, but to our transportation system as a whole,” Willey said.


Published 08-26-16