D3 welcomes new employees, prepares them for success
with New Hire Orientation

Developed by our District 3 Trainer Lori Fox, HR Specialist Barb Conklin and Safety Compliance Officer Eric Copeland, with support and input from District Engineer Amy Revis, the New Hire Orientation course was created as a way to prepare new employees for success upon joining ITD.

The course itself is delivered to all new employees, providing each with an up-front introduction and interaction with district management and staff (which includes the District Engineer, HR, Safety and Training managers), plus a complete understanding of the district’s organizational structure, constructive culture, safety responsibilities and reminders, training opportunities, and ITD mission awareness, among other more technical sub-topics. The goal is to familiarize and educate new hires so they are prepared and knowledgeable on multiple levels, both procedurally and culturally.





“Setting a clear expectation or baseline level of knowledge up front is critical. If we don’t do that, how can we help them be accountable for their future actions as well as their ultimate success in District 3?” said Fox pictured right).

While developed and implemented in the last year, this innovative approach to welcoming new hires is an idea Fox has been mulling over since she first arrived at ITD some 20 years ago. However, the timing never seemed right to move forward with cohesively unveiling and implementing this plan, until now.

The willingness of the support team to assist in developing the idea and encouragement from management regarding the value of the training made this the right time to put the plan into action.

“I think the New Hire Orientation is really a reflection on just how much our district management and staff care about not only new employees, but also the continued success of our current employees,” Fox said. “I’m proud to finally see this program in place and excited to see how it may continue to evolve moving forward.”


Published 09-02-16