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By: Char McArthur, Chief Administrative Officer

To see my video log about voting for the 2016 Best of the Best, click here or continue reading.Here's a link to the voting site.

It has been an exciting year of innovation and sharing our successes at ITD.  As a department, we saved more than $1.2 million dollars, 27,000 hours, and improved our customer service and performance measures for the citizens of Idaho in fiscal 2016.

Thanks to each and every one of you that stood up to be counted in “Innovate ITD!”

In 2016, there were 275 innovations reported by ITD employees! Your innovation stewards and the Innovative Business Practices team selected three nominees for each of seven Best of the Best categories.

It is up to YOU to decide this year’s Best of the Best. Using the link below, you can vote for your favorites from Sept. 6-20. You may cast one vote per category.

Please take the time to read a little bit about each innovation and vote for the seven you think are the Best of the Best for 2016!

Everyone who participated in “Innovate ITD!” this year will receive an “Innovate ITD!” 2016 pin.  Your Innovation Steward will be delivering your pin in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you again for all your hard work to make ITD the best transportation department in the country and standing up to be counted in Innovate ITD! 

Below are links to Transporter stories of each of the 21 finalists:

Time Savings

Simplified seal coats 

Constructive-based interviewing

Fast Connect

Cost Savings

Truck chassis protector 

Improvements harden, protect data center

Portable, cost-effective power backup


Osprey Nest Platforms

Wing dolly

Delineator post hook puller 


Live 511 traffic delay

Making IPLAN more accessible

Variable speed limits on I-15

Economic Opportunity

Runway lights rehab.

Sliding girder installer

Increase design load

Customer Service

Cross staff utilization

New hire orientation

“Core banks” for vendors

Employee Development

Hiring the Best Talent

WARS training videos

In-house traffic control


To see who won last year, check out our Best of the Best 2015 video.



Published 09-06-16