North Idaho riders thank ITD for safety efforts

The Kootenai Chapter of ABATE of North Idaho, of Hayden, took time out a few weeks ago to thank ITD for its involvement in the posting of readerboard signs on Interstate 90 and U.S. 95 reminding drivers to “Look Twice for Motorcycles. They Are Everywhere.”

Marc Johnson, a District 1 maintenance foreman for ITD, coordinates activities in the north Idaho corridor.

“We have had three members of our chapter hit by motorists this riding season, and we appreciate your efforts in helping us to be noticed,” Coordinator Belinda Ertz wrote in a letter to ITD Sept. 1.

“We as a chapter work very hard to make sure we pass that message all year long to the automobile-driving public, while watching legislation and supporting our community in charitable endeavors. We also as a Chapter provide safety information for our members, and as our Chapter Safety Officer is an instructor for the STAR program, we are strong supporters of that organization as well.

“Kootenai Chapter as part of ABATE of North Idaho can only do so much as far as awareness, and having your organization’s support is very important. We also have been approached by bicyclists thanking us for our efforts because many of the same things we support help their safety as well.

“We look forward to working together in the future to make our roadways safe for all drivers,” Ertz added.

"Motorcycle safety awareness is part of our annual public outreach efforts," explained Office of Highway Safety Motorcycle Safety Manager Josephine Middleton." This year we ran motorcycle awareness and impaired-riding campaigns, and supported two motorcycle awareness rallies in May, which is motorcycle safety month. The campaigns also incorporate radio, online, and social media.

"The use of DMS signs to display safety messages is of tremendous value. The DMS messages convey to the motoring public that safety is a top priority for ITD all year round, and that is recognized and appreciated by all of our highway safety partners."




Published 09-16-16