Office of Communication advertises list of services to improve internal customer service, save time and money 

Every division within the Idaho Transportation Department has a message to convey or a story to tell. Befitting the name, the agency’s Office of Communication can help those other groups tell that story.

Whether the need is for writing and editing, for videography and photography, for communication plans or for displays at special events, the communication office can help.  Along those lines, the office recently posted the below list of services at the Headquarters building.
Bruce King, the public information specialist from District 6 who came up with the original idea, said he was trying to solve the problem of employees “unaware of the myriad of services we provide, and therefore of all the ways we can help them.” King is pictured immediately below, to right.

These other divisions would sometimes go to an outside consultant for services that could be found in-house through the Office of Communication.

“Advertising our services helps employees know where to go for help,” King said. “The department could save thousands of dollars by using more in-house services. In addition, we could save hundreds of hours of work time by more frequently tapping into in-house talent.”

“It’s often useful for professionals to sit down and think through all the things they do,” King explained. “The drill helps pros better understand and appreciate their own craft, while posting services enables customers to see and utilize the breadth of on-hand know-how and expertise.

“If in-house staff can’t personally handle a certain project because of unexpected time or resource constraints, they can arrange for appropriate vendors to cover the need, knowing qualified communication consultants.”

Several internal customers have found the partnership with the Office of Communication to be beneficial.

“We are launching a transformation initiative at ITD, and it is important to build an effective communication plan to engage all stakeholders in our IT strategy and plan,” explained ITD Chief Information Officer Chris Victory, pictured to left. 

“It is clear that engaging the expert services of the Office of Communication to guide us through this process is the right way to go. They helped us identify transformation goals and craft efficient routes and communications to get our messages out to various stakeholders. I recommend leveraging the Office of Communication’s services to help in your communication goals.”

"The Office of Communication and its incredible staff have proved invaluable in assisting the Public Transportation Office with launching innovative programs that directly support the department’s mission,” said Public Transportation Manager Mark Bathrick, pictured below, to right.

“Without their expertise, valuable networking opportunities would have been unavailable and these programs would not have experienced the successes they have already achieved."

"Their professionalism, rapid response times, and innovative ideas are a true testament to the direction in which ITD is moving.  Their knowledge of the functions across ITD, and how to integrate various media modes into a cohesive strategy has helped the Public Transportation Office rebrand our work into a customer-focused and dynamic team," he added.

An additional benefit is that expanding and reinforcing the role of the Office of Communication as the source of developing and communicating relevant and accurate public information furthers the quality and consistency of ITD’s overall message.

Published 10-07-16