After 40 years, Wally Brown hands baton to Mike Lenz

After nearly 40 years of dedicated service to the state, the operations keys have been officially passed from District 1 Operations TSEA Wally Brown to the new kid in town, Mike Lenz. Brown rides off into the sunset Oct. 21.

Pictured: left to right - Mike Lenz and Wally Brown.

On Mike's first day nearly nine years ago, he had no inkling that one day he would be taking over for the gentleman he stood by and watched change plow blades. "You seem to really know what you're doing," Mike commented on that first day. "Well, I should know, I've been doing this since before you were born, son," came the reply in classic Wally fashion.

Wally has been a fixture in District 1, from working at the Sandpoint Maintenance Shed, to helping create both the TAMS and WARS systems and training many, many fellow employees in maintenance operations and in life.

That's our "D1 man of steel," Wally Brown. Maybe now Wally can have that much-needed rest and time to work on his house, cars and trucks, or just hang out with his family — either way, we'd like to wish him the very best and we will miss him.


Published 10-14-16