Public transit, bridge funding and 129k request
highlight October Board meeting

Public transportation 101 training, a 129k request in southeastern Idaho, and a discussion on using the second round of General Fund surplus on bridges will highlight the October meeting of the Idaho Transportation Board in Boise.
Operations workshop
The board will participate in an interactive Operations workshop on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 19 in District 3’s large conference room.

The intent is to conduct “what if” conversations about funding levels and trade-offs between programs. It will be an opportunity to see on paper the impacts that various funding scenarios would have on the condition of the surface transportation system.

For example, if the board would have directed more funding to bridges and less to pavement in the current Program, how would that impact the performance measures? Would the pavement condition remain above the goal of 80 percent in good or fair condition? Would the bridge condition meet the goal of 80 percent in good or fair condition?

Overview on Transit Board Training
At the business meeting in the auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 20, staff will provide a summary on “Transit Board 101.”

The Public Transportation Office organized this training earlier this year. The “Transit Board 101” training was directed to those who serve on board of directors for public transportation companies in Idaho. The training covered a wide variety of topics, including the public transportation landscape, an overview of public-transportation operations, roles and responsibilities of board members, and ideas on how to engage as a board member.

The training also included a workbook. The workbook is an excellent tool that will be used in the future for new transit board members.

129,000-lb. truck route request
Pacific Recycling submitted a request to designate a portion of U.S. 30 in Pocatello for loads up to 129,000 pounds. After staff completed an analysis of the approximately 2.5-mile stretch, a public-comment period and a public hearing were held. Five comments were received: four in support of the route designation and one opposed.

Staff’s analyses confirmed that the route falls under the red route category, allowing 115-foot overall vehicle length and a 6.5-foot off-track; the two bridges on the route will safely support vehicle combinations up to 129,000 pounds, assuming the axle configuration conforms to the legal requirements; the roadway pavement is in “fair” to “good” condition and the higher weight limits should not cause damage to the pavement; and safety would not be adversely affected.

Based on those findings, the Board Subcommittee on 129,000-lb. Truck Routes approved the request and will recommend that the board direct staff to issue a letter of determination approving the U.S. 30 route request.

Bridge projects
ITD anticipates receiving $11 million in general funds as part of the Strategic Initiative Fund legislation. Earlier this year, the board directed staff to consider funding bridge projects with the surplus general funds.

Using the Design-Build method of delivery, 26 potential bridge-replacement projects were identified, totaling $53 million. The projects address bridge deficiencies, condition, age greater than 50 years old, or structures restricting commercial traffic.

At the board meeting, staff will request approval to add seven projects to the FY17-21 Idaho Transportation Investment Program in FY17. The bridges are on U.S. 95 and Idaho 6 in District 1; Idaho 13 in District 2; two on U.S. 89 in District 5; and two on Idaho 28 in District 6. Staff is reviewing options to fund the other 19 bridges identified in this exercise.

Published 10-14-16