Coordination with surrounding states allows ITD to work for mutual safety, mobility

How to improve traffic safety and movement across mutual borders were the main topics as ITD District 6 Traffic Engineer Ben Burke (pictured at right, below) met with officials of the Montana Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Department of Transportation in West Yellowstone, Montana, this summer.

Hosted by officials of Yellowstone National Park, the group discussed current and projected ground traffic to and from the popular national park and the logistics of department resource sharing. Transportation officials have placed some traffic signs inside the borders of each other’s states to better notify, guide and regulate motorists. ITD also is coordinating road closures on Interstate 15 at Monida Pass with officials of the Montana DOT and with state and local law enforcement officers.

In addition, District 6 is repairing its winter-maintenance equipment in the spring rather than in the fall. Crews now remove and repair sanders and other equipment, as needed, as soon as the cold weather passes. Completing repairs early enables crews to be fully prepared for early snowfalls.

Creativity in addressing ongoing concerns throughout the district — and thinking of the bigger picture — improves safety, efficiency and the economy. Innovation has proven to be a road to impressive success!

Published 10-14-16