Notice to Contractors

Notice to Contractors

This page contains information concerning highway construction and maintenance projects currently advertised for bidding by the Idaho Transportation Department. Item listings contained herein are from the original project advertisement and do not reflect changes made by addendum. This page will be updated as projects are released for advertising or when the bid opening dates are changed.


Contractors are required to access Plans and Proposals for project bidding through QUEST CDN . To create an account with QUEST CDN please visit To browse project currently under bid, click on "Browse Projects & View Planholders" on the ITD Business web page.

Internet Bidding available at

  • Bids Opening April 30, 2019
    Call 1-Key No. 12049, STC-8202, W 9th Street; Pioneer to Indianhead Rd, Weiser, Washington County
    12049181030.exe.EBSX File
    12049181030.001.exe.EBSX File
    Call 2-Key No. 18944, SH-6, N & S SH-9 Turn Bays, Latah County
    18944180302.exe.EBSX File
    Call 3-Key No. 20799, I-84, Karcher IC to Northside Blvd, Canyon County
    20799190320.exe.EBSX File
    20799190320.001.exe.EBSX File
    20799190320.002.exe.EBSX File
  • Bids Opening May 14, 2019
    Call 1-Key No. 20794, US-95, JCT SH-53 IC, UPRR BR, Kootenai County
    20794190402.exe.EBSX File


    Idaho Transportation Department