ITD PRODUCT REVIEW AND EVALUATION      Manufacturers often request product evaluations as pre-qualification for use on Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) projects. These evaluations require commitment of time and resources by the Department. Subject matter experts from the Department review the products. The QPL Administrator and QPL Engineer act as liaisons between the manufacturer and subject matter experts during the review process. Manufacturers or vendors must submit a complete application package to the Department’s QPL Office. The completed Application form should be submitted in MS Word format, and the supporting documents as PDFs. Supporting documents may include approval letters from other State DOT’s, NTPEP test results, laboratory reports from independent laboratories, technical data sheets, MSDS sheets, Private-Label Agreements, FHWA approval letters, warranties, crash test videos, etc. The manufacturer is responsible for providing updated contact information and product information to the QPL Administrator. Products will be either: 1) Approved, 2) Provisionally Approved, or 3) Disapproved. Approved products may still need appropriate tests and certifications in order to be accepted on the project. Provisional approvals have some additional requirements prior to use and are sometimes used in a demonstration/experimental basis. If a product fails to meet standards or if changes are made to the product, it may be removed from the QPL. Contractors can request to substitute an alternative product not currently approved on the QPL in accordance with Subsection 106.15 of the Standard Specifications. Alternative products are typically approved project-specific only, rather than state-wide. The evaluation and/or use of a product in the course of an evaluation does not constitute an endorsement by the Department, nor does it imply a commitment to purchase, recommend, or specify the product in the future. The QPL group will also liaison the process of 'findings in the public interest' proposed by the Department to specify a sole source of supply. Approval of such 'findings in the public interest' must be obtained from the FHWA Division Administrator as provided in Title 23 CFR Part 635, Subpart D prior to incorporating sole sources of supply into federal-aid projects.