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Help with commercial registrations

Idaho Transportation Department
Division of Motor Vehicles

I am writing to thank you for a great year and to send you just a little token of my appreciation. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and for the assistance in our department in helping with the dealings of the Verizon Northwest vehicles. You have proven to be an exceptional help with a great knowledge of registration.

In the year or so that I have worked with your department I have gained a great knowledge in customer service and a good working relationship with the associates throughout your department.

You have provided me with different ideas to improve business as well as given examples of how we could improve our processing procedures. Any new registration news that was important to my department you have received and have provided, which enables me to share with my associates. The Verizon department greatly appreciates your expertise in renewals, and your help in pricings, transfers, renaming and keeping records of any pertinent information is very helpful.

Dan Monasterio… you continually are good-natured and very helpful. I hope that you and your department accomplish all that you desire for your career goals there and that you keep in contact with us here at Verizon.

Shauntell Copling
Administrative clerk
Verizon Northwest, Inc. & Fleet Operation
Grapevine, TX