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Board to hold monthly meeting in Lewiston

The Idaho Transportation Board will start its annual tour of Idaho by holding its monthly meeting in Lewiston next week. The meeting will be in the District 2 office, 2600 Frontage Road on Thursday and Friday (April 15-16). The board will alternate its monthly meetings between Boise and district offices until next fall.

At the board’s recommendation, district tours will have a stronger emphasis on all modes of transportation. The tour on Thursday will begin at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport. After discussing plans for the airport with its manager and charter service with a fixed base operator, the board will learn about public transportation in the area from the director of Lewiston-based Valley Transit.

Several stops are planned as the board travels east on U.S. 12, including at the passing lane project site where a University of Idaho archeology professor will provide an overview on archeological issues at that location.

Other items on the agenda include a tour of the Lewis and Clark Center in Weippe, lunch at the Weippe maintenance shed, and an overview on the Dent Bridge project, a cable suspended repair project. Upon returning to Lewiston, the board will stop at the Port of Lewiston for a briefing on container shipping and projects under way at the port before concluding its tour.

Regular Board Meeting

The board will conduct its business meeting at the District 2 Office on Friday (April 16). Topics include:

McCall East-West Loop Project: The board will revisit project changes in District 3 to fund the additional costs of the McCall East-West Loop project. At its March meeting in Boise, some board members expressed concern with the McCall project – primarily over the condemnation of a right-of-way parcel – and asked that the project item be considered again at the April meeting.

Adopt-A-Highway presentation: The board will honor the Culdesac Gem Community Adopt-A-Highway team for it efforts to keep a portion of U.S. 95 free of litter and debris.

Lewis-Clark Metropolitan Planning Organization: The recently established Lewis-Clark Metropolitan Planning Organization will provide an update on its status. Members of the MPO, which was created as a result of the 2000 Census, are the city of Asotin and Asotin County in Washington, and the city of Lewiston and Nez Perce County (Idaho).

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