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Gas-saving tips

The Alliance to Save Energy
Here are some ways to get more out of a gallon and mitigate the rapid rise in gas prices.

  • Think high gas mileage if buying a new vehicle. Check out the Department of Energy Web site ( and the ACEEE Web site ( for more information on fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Keep your car properly tuned up and change your air filter.
  • Properly inflate tires. Underinflated tires can increase fuel consumption by 6 percent, according to the AAA (
  • Drive a little slower – for each mph you drive less than 65, you save about 2 percent in gasoline consumption.
  • If your vehicle has an overdrive gear, use it. Overdrive gears reduce your engine´s speed and decrease fuel consumption and engine wear.
  • Use cruise control on highway trips to help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Pack lightly when traveling and avoid carrying items on the vehicle´s roof.
  • Avoid jack-rabbit starts: Accelerate slowly when starting from a dead stop.
  • If you own more than one vehicle, drive the one that gets the best gas mileage whenever possible.
  • Combine your errands into one trip to save on fuel.
  • If possible, take advantage of carpools and public transportation.
  • When renting a vehicle, make sure you refuel it prior to returning it to the rental company, or you may get hit with $4- to $5-a-gallon charges. Several places are now charging a refueling surcharge for vehicles returned without the same amount of gas in the tank as when rented out.

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